Monday, October 19, 2009

There's no denying it...

Is there ever a wonder how despite our best efforts, whether or not we like it, we end up so much like our parents?
...Genes: Just embrace it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Preschool

Isabella just started back up at preschool a few (5) weeks ago.
This year we are doing something a little different, we are involved in a neighborhood group preschool. There are Six moms and six kids, three boys and three girls. Each mother gets the kids two times a week every six weeks. I have already taken my turn for the first go-round, and I really enjoyed being the teacher! I look forward to playing a bigger part of her schooling this year.
This time of year I recall one of my favorite things growing up to do from year to year was to take my current school pictures home and hold it up to my previous years pic. and compare and make note of the growing changes I had made in the past years time: The year my nose grew a few inches, the first year my blond hair looked drab and dark , then the following year it was bright blond again thanks to a personal friend of mine we'll just call El' Bleach-o. I had always delighted seeing my changes and knowing that I was growing up.
So this year I thought I would make such a comparison to my Issy. This years first day to last years first day:

It seems more than just Isabell has made some changes.

I guess Being on the mom end of this whole yearly comparison process is a little more bittersweet than TOTALLY satisfying.

Now If I could only do some intervening comparisons with Issy with what it looks like when I dress her and when she dresses herself.

But alas, i suppose I get a pretty big kick out of seeing what she can come up with!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vacation Schmorgesborg

Seeing how I'm quite behind on my blog, and this past few months have had some fun getaways that deserve some postage; I've decided to put them in Uno post. Yes, one post with three trips, so get ready for some pic's...

WARNING: emphasis on lots 'o' pic's...
are ya ready...
I said there's lots, and I mean what I say...
you best be sitting in a comfy chair for this next bit...

Trip the first: Cabin with Buntjers

The People:
(Note to self: A member or two from each family is represented in these next pic's to represent the whole family unit.)

Mom and Buntjer


Kelly, Ben and kids

Jesse, Mandy and kids

...and our family.

Lest we forget the pack of schnauzers.
Yes, each family owns one; and yes, we were crazy to bring them all!

The Activities:

Scooter Rides

Golf Cart Cruising

and playing around the cabin (i.e. tire swing, trampoline, and tree house)

The guys even managed to sneak off for some quality man time.

Tradition in the making:

The past few years that we've brought up the Buntjers, on the Eve of our trip home,
we gather the fam, scoot back the furniture, crank up the tunes, turn out the lights and..

bust out the glow sticks! This is the highlight of the trip, Good 'ol wholesome Buntjer Raving!

Trip the second: Cabin/Yellowstone with the Tafts

The people:

Myself + kids, Abigail and Patrick + Kids, Bekah and kid, and...

the father of us all (us sisters that is), my dad. As viewed in this photo supervising my girls B.B.Q. hog riding.

And by that picture, I meant this picture: He is viewed in the background of THIS picture.

And lastly but not leastly Odie, the dog. Who was sent with us by my stepsister with the promise that he was to be taken care of as if he was my own...child.
Here he is thoughtfully looking out over Yellowstones beauty.

Now that you've all been introduced to the fam, suppose we take a look-see as to what we were up to this trip...


All in all we had a rip-roar'n good time. Enough hiking and outhouses to last me through the next year, or five. But the family togetherness will be forever cherished.

Trip the Third: Buntjer Annual Campout

Each summer the whole Buntjer Clan will get together for at least one campout.

Here Isabella has had a fresh coat of makeup applied by her big 7-year-old cousin, Addy. She went from a 4-year-old to a teen with a tude in minutes.

This four day, three night get-together was chuck full of laughter, lolly-gagging, and plenty of...

Alyza's older sister, and cousin Lucy enjoyed bathing her in dirt. I think Alyza enjoyed having it poured on her as much as they enjoyed pouring it.

The last morning we woke up to three meese just outside our tent trailor. (ok, so I know moose plural is still moose, but it really SHOULD be meese.)

So there you have it, my summer trips. We had a ton of fun!
And I think I just barely got caught back up on my laundry from it all too- oh,yes!